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    As I said the company owns you nothing, the same way you dont own them nothing. I liked sun and moon. USUM? No thank you. I don think they are meant to be sustainable for long periods but rather a temporary shelter to stay in while shit goes down topside. Its a chance to ride out the storm amidst all the chaos going on elsewhere. I really doubt that most of these people are looking at something like this as a permanent solution.

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    The only thing that I have a different perspective for from a lot of supporters is his college policy. I a bit biased because I in the military, but to me our military is very important. We provide stability in much of the world, even though it seems theres tons of bad things going on, our prescience alone helps keep peace in many places..

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    Ty Lewis scored a power play goal for the Grizzlies just 65 seconds into the second period. Gillam blocked a shot from Joe Wegwerth, but the puck squirted loose and Lewis put it home to make it 2 0. Fournier answered with a power play goal of his own, making it a 2 1 deficit for the Thunder after two periods..

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    Perfect 9 promo 728 Aish was also busy through the midfield but appeared to favour his left knee, which was bandaged. Encouragingly Fasolo also moved well at half forward in his comeback from a serious ankle injury. Watch every match of every round of the 2018 Toyota AFL Premiership Season.

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    There's at least 40 seconds of "dialogue" in this 30 second spot. He's clearly speaking quicker than a normal cadence and it makes it hard to fully take in what he's saying. I'm watching the commercial and I'm still trying to fully decipher what he just said while he's already half a sentence into his next line.

    Like I said it took almost half a decade to get out of the hole. It not like I woke up one day magically and I was better. I still feel like shit. I have an ex ...